'02 silverado dash lights

Discussion in 'Silverado' started by habbi, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. habbi

    habbi Guest

    All my dash lights are out in my '02 Silverado except the gear indicator. If
    I turn on my dome light they come on, if I back off the dashlight dimmer so
    as the dome light barely goes out the dash lights will stay on but if the
    dimmer rolls a bit too far they go out. In other words if I move the dimmer
    towards the dome light position and it is going into the dome position but I
    stop before the actual dome light comes on then the dash lights will work.
    Also I have a remote starter hooked up and If I start the truck with it and
    no key is in the ignition then the dash lights work, but when I put the key
    in and turn they go out. Dealers says change the switch but cannot guarantee
    it is problem and if not then they will not take back 85 dollar switch once
    connected. Does this sound like a switch problem? Is the switch itself
    fixable. Thanks
    habbi, Dec 21, 2005
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