HELP: disconnect GM heater hose quick-connect

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Jabs, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Jabs

    Jabs Guest

    I have a Chevy Suburban that I'm going to replace the rear heater core
    (leaks) but I have to disconnect the heater hose quick connects to it to
    remove it. I've tried to purchase a tool to separate the quick connects but
    no auto part stores in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area have it and
    most don't know what I'm talking about. My GM service manual says I need a
    special tool (J 38723) but none of the 5 GM dealers that I contacted carry
    tools to sell. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
    Jabs, Jan 26, 2004
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  2. Jabs

    gm Guest

    Get rid of this quick-disconnect set-up all together. Almost everyone
    I know that has this type of QD set-up at the intake manifold has had
    problems with either leakage or breakage of the fitting with the hose
    into it or the soft metal fitting breaking at the intake eventually.
    If your heater hose connects to the rear of the manifold and it breaks
    you will be cussing at GM at what it takes to repair it if the fitting
    breaks off flush into the manifold.
    Just go to the hardware store and get a brass adapter and hose
    fitting to install the heater hose to it. Works great and last long
    My 2 cents for what it's worth.
    gm, Jan 26, 2004
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  3. Jabs

    Kevin Guest

    Yep, can hardly wait to take the one off my '99 Suburban's intake manifold.
    I postponed it this fall as it just crusts over a little, but will probably
    have to face the inevitable this Spring. Why, oh why couldn't it be in the
    water pump, an inexpensive pump at that as was on my '95 Yukon 5.7 L TBI
    engine, and not some outrageously expensive pump like on the Vortec!!! It
    broke in that pump and I simply replaced the pump and fitting with hardly
    any time/effort and everything was good as new at 75K miles. No more
    worries, period!
    Kevin, Jan 27, 2004
  4. when I did the heads on my 4.3, I disconnected it at the heater end and left
    the manifold end hooked up

    will that work on yours ?
    Gary Glaenzer, Jan 27, 2004
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